Allen Jones waiting on God’s hero helpers

Allen Jones waiting on God’s hero helpers

Allen Jones is a longtime San Franciscan (1960) and a prison reform activist since 1993. From 1983 to 1993, Jones was a Bible Study teacher in the MAXIMUM-SECURITY unit at the San Francisco juvenile hall, where he also taught teenage murderers, rapist and gang members how to love and respect.

My 1300-word solution to fight back the racism in San Francisco is personal and practical.

Many will deem my idea silly. I get that but I have been preaching respect long enough to know its true value. Priceless.

But sadly, White America has slapped a price tag on respect and too many are silly enough to buy into the con description of, “Just business.”

The Golden State Warriors new $1.4 billion Chase Center arena home in San Francisco should be turned into a hall of fame museum for three reasons:

1. Respect for our neighbor, Oakland, CA.

2. Sucker-punch San Francisco racism.

3. Honoring heroes with a hall of fame museum is long overdue.

For those quick to buy into the explanation, the Warriors move from their 47 years in Oakland, 11 miles across the bay to San Francisco was, “just” a business deal, are gullible, covetous or clueless.

San Francisco has a $10 billion a year tourism industry verses Oakland’s $800 million a year tourism industry. “You don’t have to blow out someone else’s candle to make your candle shine brighter.”

But for the NBA to turn a blind eye to the blatant racism and hypocrisy perpetrated by the Golden State Warriors ownership and San Francisco City Hall in “Ripping off” our neighbor Oakland, reeks of greed.

San Francisco is a world-class city. But, for City Hall to do “business” with the ownership of the Warriors to pave the way for Chase Center, it was an all-time classless act.

As my idea concludes, I am waiting on God to do what God does best, dispatch heroes when and where they are needed.

Racism will not disappear on its own. But for it to suffer its biggest setback, heroes will need to come forth and reject the price tag placed on respect.