Bogus Felony Hate Crime Conviction


November 2015 San Francisco:

A White transgender rudely bumped into a Black man and instead of offering an apology, he/she then calls the Black man a “Nigger.’ A fight ensues and the transgender was beat up.

The Black man, Dewayne Kemp, was then charged with a felony hate crime for beating up the transgender. Kemp admitted using the slur, “Fag” during the fight. Kemp pled guilty to a “felony hate crime” charge, NOT because he was guilty, but because by accepting this sham of a plea deal he was promised and immediately released from custody and placed on three years probation. SF Bay Area Reporter jail house interview

Ah, but wait …

When Kemp appeared for final sentencing, the judge told him he had to spend time in jail on the charge. Kemp objected on the grounds it was not a part of the deal he agreed to plead guilty to. He then requested to take back his plea and take the case to trial. The judge refused his request and immediately remanded Kemp to jail for nine months.

San Francisco district attorney’s office added this bogus “Hate crime” conviction to its records just to please the San Francisco LGBTQ community, at the risk of a member of the san Francisco Black community.

Allen Jones