Ripping Off Oakland

San Francisco supervisor aaron peskin

San Francisco supervisor aaron peskin

SF/City Hall and SF print media (SF Chronicle and SF Examiner) racism against Black communities is the real reason SF opposes Raiders playing one season in San Francisco.

As author of a June 2018 ballot measure titled, "Relocation of Professional Sports Teams" aka Proposition I, I have followed local sports since 1970. So Why would a longtime San Franciscan (1960) write such a ballot measure?

Answer: San Francisco is racist and should not be rewarded for its racism with a professional basketball team.

the 500 word ballot measure was supposed to be an apology to our neighbor Oakland for the actions of our covetous elected officials who don’t even follow the sport of basketball.

How can a city government be so gung-ho about TAKING the Warriors from our neighbor Oakland, and be so opposed to allowing the Oakland Raiders fans being our guest for one year as reported?

answer: san Francisco is racist.

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin says we are "done ripping off Oakland" and referred to Oakland as "our friends."

Some friend! we don’t mind taking a billion-dollar basketball arena project from our friends but refuse to allow our friends use one of our stadiums for one season.

Illustration: Dewayne Lawrence

Illustration: Dewayne Lawrence

Allen Jones