What is the San Francisco Gay Cause Commission?

Executive Director San Francisco Human Rights Commission Sheryl Evans Davis

Executive Director San Francisco Human Rights Commission Sheryl Evans Davis

The San Francisco Gay Cause Commission, is what I renamed the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, based on my brief four months as a member of its “Equity Advisory Committee.”

I was kicked off after being voted onto the committee four months prior for a one year commitment.

It should be no surprise, 99% of San Francisco Black residents do not even know, The San Francisco Human Rights Commission (HRC) was first formed as a result of how Blacks in San Francisco were being discriminated against.

History and Mission of HRC

Twitter photo of San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Twitter photo of San Francisco Human Rights Commission

“The roots of HRC go back to 1964, when the modern day civil rights movement manifested in San Francisco through demonstrations against hotels, supermarkets, drive-in restaurants and automobile showrooms that discriminated against African Americans.”

The clearest bit of evidence to indicate this commission needs to be disbanded is the fact, a Black San Francisco population in 1970 of 100, 000 does not become 46,000 Black San Francisco residents in 2019 if the commission is doing its job. Juxtapose that with the fact, in 1970, there were an estimated 100,000 people who identified as being “Gay.” Today that population is close to 130,000; despite the AIDS crisis, which caused over 25,000 deaths from the gay community.

But at the very least, a name change is in order due to one particular lawsuit. Nearly 50 years of “Service”, in 2013, The City was sued; along with the director of the HRC, transgender Theresa Sparks (Now retired). A Black staffer, Thomas Willis who was discriminated against simply because he was a Black heterosexual male. The suit was settled for $210,000.00.

Am I biased, based on how I was treated by the HRC? Perhaps.

But I am a Black homosexual who has no tolerance for the LGBTQ community furthering its cause at the expense of members of the Black community. It only took me four months to see this charter commission of San Francisco has turned into nothing that resembles 1964 civil rights.

Five years have passed since my revelation. So one could think a lot has changed. Not if you see Blacks having no ally in this commission today. Instead of being fooled by the amount of Black faces in the HRC Twitter photo, ask where was the commission on the issues of racism that SF Blacks had to fend for themselves on in the stories I posted under “Black Lives Don’t Matter? Better yet, ask where was the SF Human Rights Commission when Oakland’s Black community was being ripped off by San Francisco political forces?

Allen Jones