Photo: SF Chronicle - Chase Center San Francisco

Photo: SF Chronicle - Chase Center San Francisco

Today, October 5, 2019, the Golden State Warriors began their era in a new $1.6 billion home called Chase Center in San Francisco. I tried (Vowed) this day would never come. But its here and I can’t accept this NBA/San Francisco City Hall disrespect of our neighbor, Oakland, CA.

So what do I do? That is where 5…4…3…2…1… comes in:


On the same day (10/4 but aired 10/5) Daryl Morey posted his tweet of support for the people of Hong Kong, I was coincidentally taping my goodbye to the NBA as a fan below.

My reason was racism and this website tracks it as it related to San Francisco and its disrespect for our neighbor Oakland.

The "more clear" letter by Adam Silver you posted on Twitter makes it easier to deal with the fact I will not be watching NBA. But the well in tuned Warriors Coach Steve Kerr embarrassed me because I did not think he would flinch at speaking his mind on social issues.

One fan leaving the fold will not change the NBA. That's the best reason to stop watching. My integrity will not allow me to condone this continued NBA Hypocrisy.

The NBA stood up to a government concerning transgenders. The same NBA stood up to an 80 year old racist. Maybe if China was an 80-year-old transgender the NBA would find its spine.

Allen Jones