Spending $6 million on SFO terminal sign is a political con job by its sponsor

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed to honor a slain, gay, White former member of the Board of Supervisors at a new San Francisco International Airport terminal. But a closer look suggests a political scam to benefit the political aspirations of its sponsor, Supervisor Hillary Ronen.

Honoring Harvey Milk, the first openly gay SF supervisor in this manner despite the fact, Milk was friends with and defended cult leader Rev. Jim Jones in a letter to President Jimmie Carter in 1978 is outrageous, and reeks of pandering/con. Jim Jones is responsible for the murder of over 900 mostly Black San Franciscans.

The final cost to honor the friend of a cult leader and mass murderer is now $6 million for this gay shrine. The board is expected to approve the revised cost to this project at their April 9, 2019 regular board meeting.

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Meanwhile, another friend of Harvey Milk is left out of any sort of real honor in San Francisco.

On September 22, 1975, Oliver W. Sipple was credited with saving the life of then President Gerald R. Ford. Sipple grabbed the gun from would-be assassin, Sarah Jane Moore as she tried to shoot President Ford as he exited the St. Francis Hotel at Union Square San Francisco.

Milk, like Ronen saw a political opportunity.

Against the wishes of Sipple, Harvey Milk used his heroics to out his friend Sipple for his own political career. Believing that a gay man saving the life of the president, people would have a better opinion of gays, Milk looked beyond a friend’s right to privacy; knowingly or unknowingly. Of course, Milk’s belief cost Sipple dearly. Sipple had not revealed his sexuality to his parents and they could not handle learning their son was gay in the news even though Oliver saved the life of a sitting president.

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Why would the San Francisco Board of Supervisors honor Harvey Milk at SFO; at a cost of $6 million, and only honor Oliver Sipple, a hero, who also happened to be gay and saved the life of a sitting president with a piece of paper?

My guess: Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who was behind both “Honors”, (One as a staffer and the other as a supervisor) saw a political benefit to honoring the gay icon Milk, who everyone here knows of, over the gay hero, Sipple, who very few know of his heroics.

But we all should be asking the SF Board of Supervisors if they too, know of both stories and if so, why they would side with Supervisor Ronen?

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Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Allen Jones