White Power at its best is Hope for all Black Americans

This article, “Privileged” written by Utah Jazz sharpshooter, Kyle Korver is a must read for all who are ashamed of fading into the crowd when the subject of racism comes up.

Korver’s pledge to listen more, is in my opinion, the best sign of hope in the fight against racism coming from someone who is not a person of color.

With this epiphany comes a little advice. Mr. Korver should pray and ask God to guide him to where he can learn and then of course teach. There are many people willing to share their views or teach their version of racism in America. All could help and is well intended. But it could be overwhelming at times; leading to burnout. Therefore, with God as a guide one as a better chance of making a difference or huge impact in the fight against racism.

Utah Jazz Kyle Korver

Utah Jazz Kyle Korver

Allen Jones