Photo: Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Photo: Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Before reading the “Mission” below, understand, this website will remain past the opening of the Warriors new San Francisco arena with the same goal to turn the building into a unique museum.


This memorable announcement made by NBA players, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James during the opening of the 2016 ESPN, Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) awards, to fight racism was not an act of grandstanding. Their statements were a commitment to fight racism in their communities and beyond. And a call to their employers, to, practice what they preach: Respect for all.

The National Basketball Association(NBA)cannot expect to be a part of the fight against racism in America by condoning or rewarding San Francisco City Hall’s reprehensible policies that continue to drive many Blacks out of The City.

The mission is twofold:

1. NBA players need to be informed of the racist acts perpetrated by San Francisco elected and appointed leadership.

NBA players will not tolerate San Francisco racism. By first being directed to look behind The City’s cloak of “Diversity” and “Inclusion” the shameful treatment of Black communities of both San Francisco and Oakland will cause many to pause… on a racist arena project. (This website will play a role)

2. Put an end to the Golden State Warriors relocating to San Francisco; a city that continues to practice racism, discrimination and marginalization against its own Black residents.

Adding insult to injury San Francisco elected officials showed similar disrespect for the Black community of our neighbor, Oakland, CA by helping the owners of the Warriors to build a new arena in The City.

A world-class city does not perform such classless acts against any community and especially its neighbor. In other words, a world-class city helps its neighbor; it does not help itself to its neighbor’s jewels.

The new San Francisco Chase Center arena is near complete. But this arena will not be used for professional basketball if people who reject racism question the NBA and this reprehensible conduct by the governing body of a major US city.

Aware of the report by Forbes that this arena project, which cost $1.4 billion to build also has sold over $2 billion in tickets before Chase Center arena doors have opened for business is mere pennies when juxtaposed with the value of RESPECT.

The building and land under the building is owned by the ownership group of the Golden State Warriors. Therefore, I also vow, the owners of the Warriors will not lose one dollar on their investment. That is my promise. How? God would not allow me to forget to make the owners whole. That said, thou shalt not covet. (Exodus 20:17)

Photo by Brandon Jones: Oakland City Hall

Photo by Brandon Jones: Oakland City Hall

A GoFundMe account titled, “Stop the Warriors from moving” has been established in 2017, to help fund the campaign to keep the Warriors in Oakland, CA.